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It's starting to smell a lot like Christmas...

You may have seen the photos on my Instagram & Facebook pages, but if not, last week I began my assault on Christmas! I have a tried & tested Christmas cake recipe that hasn't failed me yet and isn't as heavy as a traditional fruit cake. It specifies 1kg of dried fruit so I mix it up a bit with apricots, cranberries, cherries, mixed peel and glace cherries as well as the obligatory sultanas so that it makes for a more interesting slice. Almonds, orange & lemon zest and various mixed spices combine to make it super scrummy. You can use your preferred alcohol to soak the fruit beforehand too. For me it has to be sherry. The smell of it conjures up Christmasses past, making sherry butter w

Rescue Recipe!

I want to share a recipe with you today that will hopefully help you if you need to rescue a cake like I did last week! It all started when I decided to treat myself to a new cake tin - a bundt pan. I had always fancied making one of these ring cakes with the fluted design on the top. Now, because of the shape & design of the tin, you can't line it with greaseproof paper so I opted for greasing the so-called non-stick surface with oil. Can you see where this is heading...?! I mixed up my trusty chocolate cake batter, poured it in and stuck it in the oven. It rose beautifully to fill the entire pan so I was looking forward to seeing the cake once turned out with all the fluting design in

Double helpings of carrot cake

I had two carrot cake orders last week, one for a 30th birthday celebration and one for my mother-in-law's 70th birthday. Now carrot cakes cry out for cream cheese frosting and I am loathe to spoil this delectable topping with fondant icing, but because of the occasions, the cakes needed to look special. I toyed with lots of ideas but in the end settled for the simple addition of peeled & cleaned heritage carrots! The vibrant colours of the carrots really helped to bring the cakes to life and by adding a sprinkling of chopped walnuts, it looked like they were sprouting out of the cake! The cake for the 30th celebration was "a huge success, thank you so much, David LOVED it!!" And as for my

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