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Merry Christmas one and all

I have FINALLY found a spare half hour to sit down and update my blog before Christmas!

It has been manic in the bake... kitchen over the last few weeks. Thank you to everyone for their valued orders. I have had such fun designing my Christmas cupcakes and crafting cute santas for my fruit cakes.

I still have a couple of fruit cakes to complete the decoration on plus a chocolatey feast to make for my children on Christmas Day. They're not fans of trifle or Christmas pudding so chocolate it is! Then I can hang up my apron and enjoy lots of mulled wine with the family.

January is filling out to be a busy baking month with lots of orders already :-)

I have a 'gravity cake' on order which will be a first for me and I am excited to try out.

But aside from one late December order and cooking for the family, that is me done for 2015. It has been a fantastic start to bake... and I am loving designing, baking and decorating the wide range of requests I receive.

Thank you to ALL my customers.

Merry Christmas and may you enjoy a happy 2016, filled with cake!

Hannah x

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