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Happy New Year!

Well what a start to bake...ashbourne!! I have absolutely LOVED pushing forward with my new venture - trying new recipes, creating different designs, meeting interesting people and developing my baking business. Building this website was a challenge in itself but I'm so proud of what I achieved in the last quarter of 2015. I'm now looking forward to a successful 2016.

I'm late posting this blog really but 2016 has been busy already and we're only a week in! I was back to work baking on New Year's Day for my first order due on the 2nd and whilst I thought January might be a quiet month what with diets & health regimes kicking in, I've already got more orders booked in than I had in December!

So here's wishing all my trusty followers, customers and friends a very Happy New Year filled with fun, laughter and LOTS of cake!!

Hannah x


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