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A very busy weekend!

Phew! What a weekend of baking! Four decorated celebration cakes

AND four dozen cupcakes!

First up was a Hot Wheels cake complete with a sugar paste loop-the-loop. Plenty of flames licking up the side of the bright blue cake, a name banner in the style of the Hot Wheels logo and a hand painted chequered flag.

Next was a chocolate baby shower cake for a mum-to-be who doesn't know whether she's having a boy or a girl. I love the combination of the lemon and pale grey set against white. I created a quilted effect on the board and topped the cake with a handmade fondant baby elephant, pearlised balls and flowers.

The third cake was a total celebration of girliness! A classic victoria sponge covered in pink fondant, hand painted bunting, flowers and butterflies.

Finally, an electric guitar cake for a 16th Birthday. I drew a template on some greaseproof paper then cut out the separate component parts which I then used to cut out the icing pieces of the guitar. I added gold & silver details then placed it on top of the 9" chocolate cake complete with more flames.

Oh, and then 48 cupcakes in retro-style butterfly buns! Two dozen lemon & two dozen chocolate for a coporate client's open day. I definitely needed a sit down after all that!!

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