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Introducing the Cherry Ashbourne!

For years, the Derbyshire town of Bakewell has enjoyed fame in the confectionary form of

The Bakewell Pudding / The Bakewell Tart / The Cherry Bakewell.

Well, Derbyshire has a new contender... The Cherry Ashbourne!

Why should Bakewell own all the glory?! This contemporary version of the Cherry Bakewell was created in the kitchen of bake...ashbourne - hence it's signature name: Cherry Ashbourne.

"But what is in a Cherry Ashbourne?" I hear you cry!

Well, <<To be read in the voice of the M & S food lady>>:

"A rich, moist chocolate cupcake, filled with the finest Morello cherry compote,

topped with silky vanilla bean frosting and finished with a decadent gold-dusted fresh cherry.

This is not just any cupcake, this is a Cherry Ashbourne."

Order your Cherry Ashbournes today, exclusively from bake...ashbourne!

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