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I LOVE cake Aunty Hannah!

What a fabulous start to June I have had! My gorgeous little niece, Matilda, has been to visit all the way from Singapore :-) She celebrated her 1st birthday whilst in the UK and I had the honour of creating her first ever birthday cake!

Inspired by a recent shopping trip where flamingos seemed to be everywhere, I designed a funky & colourful flamingo cake for her...

Layers of lemon cake filled with lemon curd and fresh raspberries, coated with a blend of plain and fresh raspberry butter cream then topped with turquoise coloured white chocolate drips. I dressed the cake with fresh roses, raspberry macarons, fresh raspberries, sweet treats and of course, a flamingo!

Just before serving, I added a couple of sneaky fresh edible pansies! I love how the pieces of mashed up raspberry add colour and texture to the sides of the cake.

My sister, Rachel, cut the cake & made a wish on Matilda's behalf then it was on to the eating...

I think it's safe to say that Matilda liked Aunty Hannah's cake!!

Here's to lots more birthday cakes Matilda!! xxx

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